A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

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 Press "L" to toggle the cursor/mouse

V0.3 Update Notes:
1. No more pressing L to lock the cursor, just click on the screen
2. Pause menu
3. Player Respawning
4. More detailed player models
5. Basic Ai commanding (call units to follow you)
6. Brand new map
7. FlintLock Pistol (side arm)
8. Fixed glitch causing the AI to be delayed (so you can use A LOT more bots)
9. Bindable keys
10.Sensitivity Slider
11. AI will be able to shoot while moving
12. Flag bearer
13. Longer range AI detection
14. you will be able to play as the British!
15. Team balance slider
16. Slow motion mode
17. Bullet spread
18. impact effects(dust when bullet hits ground, blood when it hits person)
19. Realistic Reload Times
20. New reload animations
21. Blood splatter effect when shot

keep in mind the game is in a very early alpha state and is in no way a complete game!

Install instructions

Extract the zip file, and then click on the game application, not build data


Rise of Liberty V0.3.5 (2).zip (38 MB)